I am too afraid of being observed by the internet to say anything except: you can’t get a decent bagel in this or any town.

Quoted in MFK Fisher

To make Cock Ale, take ten gallons of ale and a large cock, the older the better. Parboil the cock, flea him, and stamp him in a stone mortar until his bones are broken. You must craw him and gut him when you flea him.


Sixty seconds of downtown Oakland at 3:45pm, courtesy of a mystery doorbell-ringer.

Career woman

"The more ostentatious the demonstrations of her authority became, the more the fear of losing the infinite power she had so insidiously acquired grew within her." (On the Dowager Empress Cixi.)


Helen DeWitt compiles her master list of superb works of scholarship which no home should be without. (Omits cribbage from Games section, which I may eventually forgive.) I am unavailable due to a previous engagement for the foreseeable future. 


It is anti-woman to eat cottage cheese. It is anti-woman to eat yogurt. It is anti-woman to eat dairy. It is anti-woman to eat low-fat dairy. It is anti-woman to eat soy. It is anti-woman to eat an undressed pile of raw dark leafy greens. It is anti-woman to eat bananas and tomatoes. It is anti-woman to eat quinoa. It is anti-woman to eat meat. It is anti-woman to eat the smaller piece of meat. It is anti-woman to eat cupcakes in public. It is anti-woman not to eat a brownie when one is offered. It is anti-woman to prepare tofu in certain ways. It is anti-woman to be the one who is better at preparing food. It is anti-woman not to prepare one’s own food. It is anti-woman to eat kohlrabi. It is anti-woman to have bought too many oranges. It is anti-woman to bake with white flour. It is anti-woman not to eat.

Performance Reviews Are Contagious

We have tumblr presence. We have twitter presence. We have googly+ presence. We lack hotline presence! Who can recommend a reliable (but also dynamic, viral, WIKI, and in the Cloud) hotline service? Feel free to have it be named Hotlyn; that’s just what we’re looking for, just.

Souls of Mischief: “93 ‘Til Infinity.” Post-performance review vibe: cool.